liberating your summer from little green men:
The latest color compendium of unsettling F&L iconography: LBB3!

Little Black Book Vol. 3 features fifty rarely seen and never published images, including 22 fully painted pages created especially for two new stories in this issue.

Comic book covers, digital art, unpublished Marvel portfolio plates, the toothsome Widow Grueson and a bevy of babes fantastiques--this is F&L chicanery at its drollest--and most indispensable.

If you buy your copy of LBB 3 from us (for $15 postpaid), we'll sign it, and include a free signed print of your choice! Far more details than you ever wanted to absorb can be found here.


Fastner & Larson's Little Black Book, Volume 3, published by SQP, Inc. 48 pp., color, $10.




















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