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Salvador Dali was an early art hero of mine. Still is.

My earliest art influences were comic books, toy box cover art, and monster movie magazines. In high school I had to do a report on a famous fine artist. I went to my local branch library and found this book:

I had zero interest in Miro, whose art is confusingly on the front cover. The back cover has this Dali painting, which seemed magical. Still does.

Dali is in the news again. A woman claiming to be his illegitimate daughter is demanding a share of his estate. To prove or disprove the claim, they had his body exhumed for a dna sample. The mustache is "still intact". That's class.

Of course, The Persistance Of Memory is his most famous painting, and rightly so. I did a copy of it in high school. Here it is:

Jim Steranko is another art hero. Here's an unforgettable comic book cover he did, next to a photoshop poster image I did recently for Arcana 47 :

(By the way, I borrowed the Logan's Run figures from the original movie poster art by Charles Moll.)

 I thought of Jim's art, and Jim thought of Dali's art. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. Still am.


I'm finally updating my page to offer a vintage pencil study from the Marvel superhero portfolios we did in the 1980's.

This study is from a print I did with John Byrne, titled Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters -- Revisted.

The pencil study was traced off of Byrne's pencil art. The tracing paper is 18" X 23", and the art goes to the edges of the paper. I used a black color pencil and a #2 pencil.

It has some wear and tear on the corners:

A) The top edge has a slight downward slope toward the left corner. There's also a 3/4" cut approximately one inch down from the top (see image) which I taped from behind.

B) The bottom left corner has a small corner piece torn off, which is taped on.

C) The bottom right corner has a 1" piece torn off. It's taped from behind.

I'm asking $1,500.

Please email me at
if you're interested or have any questions.



Greetings to the followers of fantasy art. I'm starting a page of odd art projects and commenting on the influences to my own personal art-trek. 


Thought I'd start by mentioning the massive influence of Ray Harryhausen.


Ray is the king of the creature makers. His stop-motion fantasy movies loom powerfully in my memories, so much so that I've made primitive attempts to sculpt my own beasties over the years. 


     I sculpted this barbarian-dude meets beastie in the 1970's

d baby and sheg
This sculpt was an attempt to depict Demon Baby vs Sheg. 2006

sheg in elevator

 Here's  lookin' at you.  Sheg in a freight elevator. 2006


Well, I couldn't resist the call of the wild. Although I was impressed by the 
Jurassic Park dinosaurs, I still prefer Ray's dino's and creatures from his
classic films. Hail to the King.

 gangster mosquito

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