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Hello dere!

I'm finally updating my page to offer a vintage pencil study from the Marvel superhero portfolios we did in the 1980's.

This study is from a print I did with John Byrne, titled Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters -- Revisted.

The pencil study was traced off of Byrne's pencil art. The tracing paper is 18" X 23", and the art goes to the edges of the paper. I used a black color pencil and a #2 pencil.

It has some wear and tear on the corners:

A) The top edge has a slight downward slope toward the left corner. There's also a 3/4" cut approximately one inch down from the top (see image) which I taped from behind.

B) The bottom left corner has a small corner piece torn off, which is taped on.

C) The bottom right corner has a 1" piece torn off. It's taped from behind.

I'm asking $1,500.

Please email me at
if you're interested or have any questions.



Greetings to the followers of fantasy art. I'm starting a page of odd art projects and commenting on the influences to my own personal art-trek. 


Thought I'd start by mentioning the massive influence of Ray Harryhausen.


Ray is the king of the creature makers. His stop-motion fantasy movies loom powerfully in my memories, so much so that I've made primitive attempts to sculpt my own beasties over the years. 


     I sculpted this barbarian-dude meets beastie in the 1970's

d baby and sheg
This sculpt was an attempt to depict Demon Baby vs Sheg. 2006

sheg in elevator

 Here's  lookin' at you.  Sheg in a freight elevator. 2006


Well, I couldn't resist the call of the wild. Although I was impressed by the 
Jurassic Park dinosaurs, I still prefer Ray's dino's and creatures from his
classic films. Hail to the King.

 gangster mosquito

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