Gallery 4


We're not really storytellers, so much as occasional purveyors of pages with panels and words on them.

Nevertheless, we're toying with the idea of throwing up (there's an unexpectedly apt turn of phrase), say, a funny animal story, a story Rich did for Hustler (those were really different times), and some underground stuff. We don't embarrass easily, but this material may do it. Stay tuned. 

Melvinge I
Demon Baby page
Devil's Playthings
Heads Up

Democracy in Action
Hot Dog Girl
Girl & Two Bats
Lil' Trojans
Bill III
Barbi Twins
Armed Guard

Eventually, we'll likely put up our entire Barbi Twins Adventures story (chapter, actually). 

That work might have been instrumental in Topps' decision to get out of the comics publishing business.

To see nice big scans of the images from our Art Fantastix/F&L Gallery book, go to, click on Fantasy Art, and then Fastner & Larson.





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