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A few 20+ year old images here, including a couple of designs on which Rich went a little more nutzo than usual with the useless bits of detail. When Steve finally finished airbrushing the last of the pipes, cylinders and hoses in the space alien poster design below, he told Rich, as you might guess, "No more tubing" (leaving unsaid the "or I'll break your drawing hand" part).

Tube Monster

Puff Dragon


Stego Girl

Under the Influence

Rooftop Conjuration

Book of Dreams

Children of the Goat

Tricked & Treated

Puff Dragon was one of our four images for the SQP collection, DragonSong.

Gogobot was another enormous piece from the 80's, this time executed by Steve in color pencil on blue mat board. This was a poster and cover for the American edition of the UK SF anthology Time Killers.

We're pretty sure this version of the original cover design for Overkill's Under the Influence made more sense than the one they finally went with...but the ways of marketing departments have always and forever remained a mystery to us.

Gladiatrices and Rooftop Conjuration are two grayscale portfolio paintings which Steve repainted digitally in Photoshop.

Nobody does the succulent Dawn like J.M. Linsner, but we were happy to take a crack at her for this private commission.

Speaking of Dawn, if you've ever been to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, you may know that they always have a an auction of guest-donated items to benefit a worthy cause. Rich contributed the watercolor & pencil drawing Book of Dreams when he was in Artist Alley in 2008.

Children of the Goat was our first painting as a team (1977). Note how much more sophisticated our subject matter has become over the years!

We have this ongoing special offer where, if you buy the hardcover edition of Tricks & Treats from us, we'll personalize it with a color sketch on the front endpaper. Tricked & Treated is an example.


To see nice big scans of the images from our Art Fantastix/F&L Gallery book, go to, click on Fantasy Art, and then Fastner & Larson.





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