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Devil's Bed


Beauties & Beasts

Now It's a Party

Girl's Club

Time & Chance

Meet the Neighbors
Croc Nouveau
Woman in Black

ROM SpaceKnight

Squid God
Devil Take Wing

Croc Nouveau was the back cover to our portfolio imagery collection, Kiss of Death.

Girl's Club is the study for the Hell's Belles game box cover.

ROM is the study for a larger private commission.

Time and Chance is a color study for the Gen13 novel of the same name.

Beauties & Beasts is the cover for our most recent color collection.

Now It's a Party is a painting from our undead loves girls collection, ZombieSexual. It's the inspiration for a bitchin' sculpture from Junk Robot.

If you're interested in the story behind other images on this or any of the other pages in our image galleries, feel free to drop us a line. We'll give you a rundown on the publication history (if any), and try to remember what the hell we were thinking when we did the piece in question.




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