Update 5/9/23: At this point in our communal economic adventure, you may be asking yourself, "Is it really a good idea to keep all of one's fundage in a savings institution, or should one invest a portion in something F&L would like me to believe is rock-solidly furture-proof -- like esthetically dubious original art?" While you ponder, here are six new originals, indicated in the thumbnail title with an "[n]".

Update 6/27/22:
Hey kids! We're still here -- and we've added nine new originals...any of which will set you back substantially less than that Dark Knight cover. They're indicated in the thumbnail title with an "[n]".

Update 9/14/15:
We've added 15 new originals, including 12 here.

Update 4/12/15:
Many of you have been asking, in the kindest way possible, when we're going to add some new originals, for pete's sake...and we have at long last heard you.

Actually, we heard you some time ago, but then we had to go see that Birdman movie everyone is discussing but not seeing or caring about unless they're in the business. Our bad.

Please note that is is but a small representative sample of available F&L drawings and paintings. If you really want to get a feel for our inventory, we usually bring three portfolios (one large, two small) of art to conventions, where we're thrilled to have people peruse, and ecstatic to have them buy. Mostly, we're just grateful for the attention.

Still, we realize not everyone can jet into Minneapolis at the drop of a hat (although we would strongly encourage trying to make it to this show, where you can compare our prices with Neal Adams'!)

You can, if you're of a mind, get in touch anytime about any work you see on our site or in our books. The Pocket Pal
collections and b&w artbooks (such as Bed & Bondage and ZombieSexual), for example, were specifically designed to showcase available originals.

We avow to get back to you, usually within a day with a jpeg of the original (if we still have it) and a price quote. This will always cost you nothing, and we'll be thrilled to hear from you. Also, because buying an original can be a hefty investment, shipping is usually on us. (International shipping is another, less happy story -- but we try to keep those costs as low as possible.)

With that in mind, we herewith present 32 new originals, including finished paintings, marker & airbrush color and grayscale studies, color pencil studies, and regular pencil drawings. A feast for your eyes, and -- hopefully -- our woefully undernourished bank accounts!


For those advanced souls who may be wondering about the availability of originals from our Tricks & Treats opus -- all of those paintings 
have been (unfortunately, since we'd love to sell them again) purchased from us. We invite you to confab with our pals at SQP for additional information.

In the meantime, have a look at Steve's
delightfully cheeky color pencil study for T&T's back cover image, "Cauldron", here. Other color pencil studies, as well as original pencil drawings by Rich, are also available. If this piques your interest, we're here for you.

We've added a page of color studies by Steve, and pencil drawings by Rich. If you enjoyed Tricks & Treats and/or Bed & Bondage, or know someone who does -- give it a gander.

The originals on these pages are available for purchase directly from F&L.

Click on a thumb below for a larger image that includes size, medium and price info.

More detailed information about the purchasing process is  available on our Shop page. Everything here is also available internationally, usually via Global Priority Mail.

We're now able to accept Paypal for most purchases, so don't be shy about getting in touch regarding pieces you may be interested in. (We don't share contact info with anyone. Period.) We check our email a couple of times a day, usually get back to you within 24 hours, and we'll happily answer any questions you have:  

Question Authority

The Last Picnic

Moon Knight

Face to Face [n]

The Contract

Fill Your Hand [n]

Rescue on Venus [n]

Red Witch

Blood Feast [n]

Toothsome [n]

Gift Wrapped

Night Nurse [n]

Giftwrapped is one of the images in our popular Santa Babies post card set.

Batwalker and Tub Toys are studies for paintings that appeared in Tricks & Treats.

The Last Picnic is the cover painting for ZombieSexual(!)

Sewer Girl, Lady Samurai and Hannah & Admirer are studies for private commision paintings.

Red Witch is Steve's painted rendition of a Dragon*Con sketch by Rich.

Escape, based on a painting by Bouguereau, is a study for a tattoo design.

Belling the Cat is a color pencil version of a drawing from Bed & Bondage 2.

Puff the Lucky Dragon appeared in SQP's Dragon Song collection.


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