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Queen & Counsel

Release the Hounds

Love Mummy

Sinister Seven


Crossed Blades

Demon in a Glass Cube

Curiosity Box

Stiff Breeze

Lounging Around

Queen & Counsel, Snakedance, Love Mummy and Charmer are part of an ongoing effort to remake Ancient Egypt according our own despicable aesthetic standards.

Curiosity Box is a page from a story of the same name, and also a study for the cover of Little Black Book 3.

Demon in a Glass Cube is the study for a plate in the Demon Baby portfolio.

Release the Hounds is a color study for the 666 Comics cover.

Lounging Around is a color pencil study for a painting in the Tricks & Treats collection.

Love Mummy is a study for a painting for the Gallery Girls collection Eternal Temptation 1, and the inspiration for three minis in the Damsels of Darkmyre series.

If you're interested in the story behind other images on this or any of the other pages in our image galleries, feel free to drop us a line. We'll give you a rundown on the publication history (if any), and try to remember what the hell we were thinking when we did the piece in question.




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