Sexy Dreams has arrived!

Forty-eight pages in the gigantic, eyeball-saving 9"X12" format, including a new six-page story featuring a new generation of comic book horror hostesses.

Who doesn't love horror hostesses? Details here.

Also brand new and hot off the presses is Pocket Pal Vol.6.

Once again, Steve coughs up 32 pages of tightly rendered tonal studies from F&L's past present and future, in a convenient digest size that won't spook TSA officials.

This is the little sketchbook that could, the sketchbook that puts other sketchbooks to shame. Details here. And you may wish to consider the Pocket Pal free shipping offer.

If you have to have these, and other F&L goodies, the regrettably arduous ordering process is here.


Those of you who've been clamoring for a Tricks & Treats Hardcover Special (which is almost as strip-club-menu delightful as it sounds) only to be cruelly rebuffed by the gatekeepers at F&L Inventory, can rejoice -- because we've replenished our supply of the book, and we're ready to make it one-of-a-kind by adding the personalized color sketch of your dreams. 

With the T&T HC Special, we take a single character of your choice and render it lovingly in a combination of pencil and color pencil right on the book's blank front endpaper. Add to this the fact that, aside from sketches F&L do together at conventions, this is the only original art Steve graces with his own signature, and you can see how we sell out of these quickly.

We scan all of the sketches, and many end up in our books. The T&T cover girl sketch (above) plays a prominent role in the Damsels of Darkmyre universe. You never know -- your T&T character might also be bound for immortality (or immorality...or simply bound, dependiing on your predilictions.) Because we don't believe in inflation, the deal is still $75 + $5
shipping. Ordering details below.


Pocket Pal 5 has emerged from the recesses of Steve's hippocampus!

A fifth portion of pulchritudinous pretties -- plus heroes, villains, and Steve's coveted signature on every copy. We sold out of our advance copies at Springcon, so we implore you to give it your every consideration!

You've always wondered how F&L babes might fair in three dimensions (or at least, we have.) Now, if your eyesight be strong, you can get an idea, with Junk Robot's  32mm (about 1 1/2") pewter rendition of "Allison", a Damsel of Darkmyre RPG mini based on our popular painting, Cold Chill. We have a limited number of these available in our packaging, and shipping is free.

Pocket Pal 4 is here! 

Thirty-two more signed, limited and lovely digest-sized girls (and their various foils) await your inspection in our brand-new convention sketchbook.


Now available: Haunted House of Lingerie Vol.1: 15th Anniversary Edition!

A lovingly remastered new edition of this sought-after classic is now available from us at the original price of $10!


Pocket Pal 3 is here!

A third assemblage of titilating tonal tarts get the exposure they deserve in our latest digest-sized collection.

Fans of girls, monsters, girls tormenting monsters and girls and monsters sitting down together with a court appointed mediator and having a serious dialog, note that Beauties & Beasts is now available directly from us (details below and on our News page).

This latest collection is a softcover version of the Science Fiction Book Club's popular hardcover exclusive, and contains all of the stimulating stuff & nonsense found therein, plus the invaluable (i.e., not at all valuable) signatures of  the perpetrators.


Our latest sketchbook/science experiment -- wherein cold corpses and hot victimettes generate a morgue's worth of steamy shenanigans -- is being printed as we speak, and we expect our UPS (United Postmortem Service) person to deliver a couple of (pine) boxes worth to F&L World HQ in a matter of weeks. Details below and further below.


Fifteen collections of our work (and a three-issue comic series) have been made available by feisty independent publishers SQP (attending to your every fantasy art book need since 1973!)

The books below are available from us, signed by Steve and Rich (we know: that and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee).

How to order: Insufferable luddites that we are, we don't have an official shopping cart/checkout setup. However, if you email us with the titles you wish to purchase, we'll get right back to you with the total cost, including shipping.

We ship within the US via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, and  combine shipments whenever possible. Usually any combination of up to 5 books, prints and/or small (8.5" X 11") originals are shippable for the same amount as a single item -- $5.

We also welcome international orders, which we ship via Priority Mail International. Please email us for details.

How to pay: We're now able to accept Paypal for most purchases, but the process is just a little more involved than you'd hope.

Since we don't have an official e-commerce setup, you still have to email us with the items you want to purchase. 

We'll then send you an official Paypal request for payment. Paypal will notify us when your payment is made, and we'll ship your purchase right away.

We can also accept personal checks, traveler's checks, postal and bank money orders, and cashier's checks. If you're crazy enough to send cash, at least protect yourself with some form of delivery confirmation.

Pocket Pal, Vol 6
(2016, digest-sized b&w convention-style sketchbook with color covers, 32pp.) More carefully constructed studies from the Steve files including Tigra, Natasha & Harley, Omaha & Pikachu, Velma & Daphne and our version of the Coppertone girl. Signed, numbered and limited to a single edition of 500. $10

Sexy Dreams (2016 squarebound album, 9" X 12", full color, 46pp.) Another feverish folio of honies, hellions, harlots and heroines from the id and airbrush of the art team voted least likely to get their call returned by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Plus, a nifty new story that ties the whole disreputble enterprise together. $15

For a limited time, add any F&L original to your book order, and the entire purchase -- no matter how spine-snapping the heft -- ships FREE via Priority Mail within the US. International buyers, get in touch with us for a deal on shipping.

Pocket Pal, Vol 5
(2013, digest-sized b&w convention-style sketchbook with color covers, 32pp.) Steve's parade of finely rendered prelims continues, with Thor, Spidey v. Kraven, and a coterie of bounteous vixens, including Omaha the Cat Dancer. Signed, numbered and limited to a single edition of 500. $10

"Allison" -- Damsels of Darkmyre RPG mini (2013, pewter, approx. 1.5", with attachable base) Based on our painting, "Cold Chill", here's the first in Junk Robot's series of gaming miniatures inspired by F&L babes. She's armed, wearing pants,, and ready to blast her way into your heart! $10 Free shipping!

Haunted House of Lingerie, Vol 1 -- 15th Anniversary Edition (2012, b&w TP, 64pp.) Scantily-clad maidens and the moldering monsters who love them -- what's not to like? The first editon is way sold out, and difficult to find anywhere -- but now, thanks to the original publishers, you can complete your collection at the 1997 price! $10

Pocket Pal, Vol 4
(2012, digest-sized b&w convention-style sketchbook with color covers, 32pp.) More sketches and studies, devil girls, naked vampires, and majorettes from the meticulous pencil of Steve. Signed, numbered and limited to a single edition of 500. $10

Special offer!
Order the complete six volume set of F&L's Pocket Pal and get free shipping! $60

Pocket Pal, Vol 3
(2011, digest-sized b&w convention-style sketchbook with color covers, 32pp.) Steve strikes again with supremely detailed studies and paintings, plus a special Egyptian section. Signed by the boys, numbered and limited to a single edition of 500. $10

(2010, b&w TP, 64pp.) The living dead go for the gusto (and anything in heels with a pulse) in this freshly unearthed collection of drawings and paintings; don't miss Steve's poster for the never-to-be released movie! $10

Beauties & Beasts
 (2010, squarebound album, 9" X 12", full color, 64pp.) Barbarian babes as you've never seen them before, private commissions, unbridled girl/monster hijinx. The softcover edition of a Science Fiction Book Club's exclusive! $20

Pocket Pal, Vol 2 (2010, digest-sized b&w convention-style sketchbook with color covers, 32pp.) More delightful tonal studies by Steve, plus recently unearthed ancient paintings and our heroine cardset from Fallcon 09. Signed by the boys, numbered and limited to a single edition of 500. $10

Pocket Pal, Vol 1 (2007, digest-sized b&w convention-style sketchbook with color covers, 32pp.) Fully-rendered, full-page pencil tonal studies by Steve, plus never before seen paintings. Signed by both F and L, numbered and limited to a single edition of 500. $10

Tricks & Treats (2007 squarebound album, 9" X 12", full color, 46pp.) All-new Halloweenish paintings in the rambunctious, slightly bawdy F&L tradition, plus an intro by and bio of Steve and Rich. Softcover version, $15.

Tricks & Treats
Hardcover (2007 squarebound album, 9" X 12", full color, 46pp.) Our art may not stand the test of time, but this sturdy hc version of T&T will! Annoy the esthetes of the future! $25.
SOLD OUT (HC with personalized color sketch by F&L, $75.)

Bed & Bondage, Vol. 2 (2008, b&w trade paperback with color covers, 64pp.) All new, all mildly disturbing pencil sketches by Rich, plus six grayscale paintings by Steve, and a 12 page story involving demons and several lengths of rope. How do our girls get themselves into these situations? $10

Bed & Bondage, Vol. 1 (2006, b&w trade paperback with color covers, 64pp.) Frogs, cherubs and little robots set about restraining a seemingly limitless retinue of recalcitrant young ladies. Pencil drawings by Rich, paintings by Steve, and a six page story. In the manner of our Haunted House of Lingerie series. $10

 Alien @ Large (2005, squarebound, comic book sized graphic novel, b&w with color covers, 72pp., 4pp. interior color.) Earth's first intergalactic visitor is an extremely self-confident, well-meaning, utterly clueless weapon of mass destruction. The other aliens -- and the earthers, for that matter -- aren't so bright either. Limited first printing. Sold out.

Little Black Book, Vol. 3 (2005, quality color magazine, 48pp.) Privately commissioned paintings, studies, color pencil drawings,card and t-shirt designs, digitally remastered oldies, never-published Avengers and FF portfolio art, plus two epoch-spanning graphic narratives, "Battlehookers of Klarn" and "Curiosity Box". $10

Little Black Book, Vol. 2 (2004, quality color magazine, 48pp.) Fifty-three new paintings and studies. Superheroes, a selection of early cover, commission and portfolio work, and "Cursed Kiss", an 11-page tale from the Haunted House of Lingerie. With quasi-insightful commentary by F&L. $10

Little Black Book, Vol. 1 (2003, quality color magazine, 48pp.) Fifty-one never-before-published paintings, watercolors and color pencil studies, plus "Alienated", a new six-page tale from you-know-where. Our entertainingly incoherent ramblings introduce each chapter. $10

Haunted House of Lingerie, Vol. 3 (2001, b&w TP, 64pp.) Opens with the 11-page fully-painted ORIGIN of the Haunted House, and lurches forward with a graveyardful of saucy, lighthearted, gruesome sketches, many of which we turned into the paintings showcased in Little Black Book, Vols. 1 and 2. The wraparound cover painting, Slumber Party, is a lurid B-movie in itself. Sold out.

Haunted House of Lingerie, Vol. 2 (1999, b&w TP, 64pp.) Toothsome wenches and icky homunculi on every page, eleven fully rendered airbrush paintings, wry captions by Bob Keenan (LLD, PhD, STB) and lots and lots of nudity. Sold out.

Haunted House of Lingerie, Vol. 1 (1997, b&w TP, 64pp.) Scantily-clad maidens and the moldering monsters who love them -- what's not to like? Except that Vol. 1 is pretty much sold out.

F&L Gallery (2002, 9" x 12" squarebound magazine, 96pp.) This German-American coproduction is the only full-color, full-page collection of our paintings to date. Fully indexed, with a 1,500 word biography, photos and early drawings. Sold Out.

Kiss of Death (2000, b&w and color TP, 72 pp.) Gathers together many barbarian babe portfolio images (and associated sketches) from the 90's. An eight page color section showcases 17 of our favorite paintings. The Not So Secret Origins intro features some of our earliest, least-often-seen work. Sold out.

Demon Baby: Hell on Heels (1996, b&w TP, 64pp.) The first three 8-page chapters of our unwieldy, not-particularly-well-known 92-page occult revenge story. Each chapter in a different medium (pencil, wash, airbrush). Guaranteed not to brighten your day. Plus a 30-page "Sketches on the Road to Hell" portfolio. $15 signed & postpaid. Sold out. 

Demon Baby: First Fire, Vols. 1-3 (1997/8, b&w Comic, 32pp. each) The conclusion of the Hell on Heels storyline, and even more depressing. Three comics, each with 21 pages of story, a four page sketch gallery and entertaining-in-their-own-right SQP ads. We're down to our file copies of Vol.1, so the combo deal is sold out. Vols. 2 & 3 are still available.

Demon Baby: First Fire, Vol. 2
$3, or get Vols. 2 & 3 for $5

Demon Baby: First Fire, Vol. 3
$3, or get Vols. 2 & 3 for $5

Architects of Fantasy (1994, b&w TP, 64pp.) Fewer babes; more of our comic, paperback, portfolio, record, t-shirt, card and advertising designs and finished art. But still quite a few babes. Entirely-too-generous intro by Jim Steranko. Sold out.

Santa Babies (2007, postcard collection, 4" X 6", four sets of four images) Who knew Santa had such wayward nieces? Deck your halls with these yummy yuletide vixens, or send them to your more pagan Xmas correspondents. $10  

Art Scene International (February 2009, quality color magazine, 82pp.) Nine page F&L interview with many illustrations, plus Steve's step-by-step description of how he created the marker & airbrush painting Hangin' Around. Includes several interesting, well-illustrated non-F&L art features and how-tos. $5


Here's a closer look at our recent titles...

Fans of improbably proportioned and garbed heroines may be intrigued by Steve's color pencil sketch of Phantom Lady for the cover of  Pocket Pal 3.

Zombie aficionados will appreciate his careful recreation of the NotLD logo...

Our latest mini-sketchbook also lifts the inky cleaning cloth of time to reveal Steve's ridiculously detailed studies for our Barbi Twins and Eternal Temptation covers.

Yes, he was out of his mind. We're also sharing his fully rendered preliminaries for a few of our most recent commissioned pieces...

Also included at no additional charge is a special Egyptian section, which may or may not accurately reflect what was going on in the dynastic period, lack-of-clothing-wise.

PP Vol.3 is a digest-sized collection of studies, sketches and paintings, all in glorious black & white. Signed by Steve & Rich, numbered, and limited to 500. 5.5" X 8.5", 32pp., $10 plus $5 s&h.

Special offer: Order all three volumes of Pocket Pal ($30 total), and shipping is on us!

Hot & bothered and cold & composty, the decaying denizens of Rich Larson's ZombieSexual love a toothsome wench for her brains, all right -- and for so very much more as well...if she'd only stand still long enough for them to work their rapidly decomposing magic on her.

Our definitely dead (and yet somehow also excessively romantic) friends are very nearly ready to crumble, and we'll let you know as soon as ZombieSexual is available to disgust a girlfriend near you.

Pocket Pal Vol.2 is the indispensible companion to Pocket Pal Vol.1, and features another selection of Steve's popular tonal studies, including several for paintings from Tricks & Treats. (If you've ever wondered how he does it, pore over these with a magnifying glass until your eyeballs fall out of your head.)

Also included are a painting from 1978 (!), a study for an unpublished FF portfolio plate, and many images you won't see anywhere else.

PP Vol.2 is a digest-sized collection of studies, sketches and paintings, all in glorious black & white. Signed, numbered, and limited to 500. 5.5" X 8.5", 32pp., $10 plus $5 s&h.


The February 2009 issue of Art Scene International features an F&L cover, a nine page illustrated interview with Steve and Rich, and a two page step-by-step how-to (with photos) wherein Steve describes his marker & airbrush painting process.

ASI is a really nicely produced 82 page German magazine devoted to illustration, visual art and digital imaging. The English language version is available, signed by F&L, directly from us for $5 plus $5 shipping by Priority Mail.


F&L's Pocket Pal Vol. I is our first entry in the venerable convention sketchbook sweepstakes.

Yes, it's diminutive. Some would even call it "digest-sized" -- but that's what they said about Dr. Thumbkin (see cover) and he single-handedly almost conquered France in the early '50s...!

PP V.I is an easily concealable collection of unseen studies, sketches and paintings, all in glorious black & white. Signed, numbered, and limited to 500. 5.5" X 8.5", 32pp., $10 plus $5 s&h.

We took our initial inventory of Tricks & Treats to conventions, and sold out almost immediately. It's now been reprinted, and we're offering signed copies directly from us.

T&T collects 44 brand new full color Halloween-themed (and costume-adjacent) paintings into one outsized (9" X 12") volume. 

Includes an intro by and bio of F&L. 48pp., $15 plus $5 s&h.

Tricks & Treats is also available in a hardcover edition (cover below) for $25 plus $5 s&h.

As a special offer -- available only with the hardcover edition -- F&L will personalize your copy of T&T with a full-color original interior sketch for an additional $50 (total: $75 plus $5 s&h).

We have an extremely limited number of both the soft and hardcover versions of T&T, so if you decide to order from us, don't wait too long!


In 2008, Platinum Studios released the eagerly awaited (at least by the denizens of Gonan and the eight surrounding systems) graphic novel Alien @ Large

Written by SQP's own Bob Keenan (proving that, yes, publishers can be intentionally funny) and illustrated by Rich, with a painted cover by Steve, A@L is the story of intergalactic explorer/prince/accident-waiting-to-happen Bovaxo Tan, and the wide swath he and his extraterrestrial supporting cast cut through an unsuspecting, and not much quicker on the uptake, planet Earth.

We're offering the extremely rare limited first printing, from July 2005. Signed by F&L -- and Bob will be happy to personalize it as well (we'll include his address and phone number). Squarebound, comic book size, 72pp. (4 of color), $10 plus $5 s&h.


Months in the making, and eagerly awaited by fans of severely restricted movement on several continents, Bed & Bondage 2 is now available!


Hot on the tightly-strapped seven-inch heels of Bed & Bondage (scroll down), B&B2 contains a fresh set of demented scenarios by Rich, several paintings by Steve, and a graphic story which elaborates on the whimsical drama depicted on the cover of Vol.1.

Sample images from B&B2 can be found here. At 64pp. in b&w with color covers, it's available from us signed for $10.00 plus $5.00 s&h. More detailed F&L book ordering info is available above.


Bed & Bondage, Vol.1 is a 64 page sketchbook in the manner of our Haunted House of Lingerie series.

While it's undeniably true that Bed & Bondage features many drawings of girls in various stages of undress and various stages of being tied up, we think it's mostly pretty light-hearted. There are frogs and fairies and puppies and gremlins, and everyone is having a whee of a time, even the girls in question, temporarily inconvenienced though they may be. We know this because, having created them, we're privy to their every thought.

(The story features the heroines of our "Spanking Tails" series, and they're always good for a chuckle or two.)

It's dollars to doughnuts you won't be picking this one up at your friendly neighborhood comic shop -- shelf space being at a premium, and the possibility of arrest on trumped-up charges always a concern.

So feel free, if you're so inclined, to order a signed copy directly from the perpetrators. They're available for $10 plus $5 s&h.


Little Black Book Vol. 3 is out, and if you buy it from us, you'll get a free print as well!



Again, we combine shipments whenever possible. Usually any combination of up to 5 books, prints and/or small (8.5" X 11") originals are shippable for the same amount as a single item -- $5.

Remember that international orders are welcome, but postage is more (email us for details).

More info on ordering books in general can be found above. A number of titles are now unfortunately at least temporarily sold out. We tried to warn you. 



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